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Chance to become No.1 on Search Engines

With Dubai Hawks- the best SEO Company in Dubai, grab the best opportunity of getting real traffic and ranking your website at the top of popular search engines.

When you have lots of options to choose from, it becomes a bit difficult to choose the best one out of the lot. The whole process becomes easier when you opt for Dubai Hawks for availing the best SEO services at comparatively lower rates!

When looking for the content that helps you achieve your SEO struggle, it becomes crucial to find out something really appealing and different, or to find those individuals who can produce the best content. You always want a search optimized content that is full of strong keywords with great much emphasis on quality.

We are a company that is:

  • Adept at making multi-dimensional search optimized and web development services for our loyal customers.
  • Eager to fulfill your requirements for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Aware of tactics regarding placing you at the top of search engines and giving you higher ranks on social media.
  • Well-aware of the end goal to satisfy our customers.

Who we are

Dubai Hawks is your best partner in all times with stunning results to provide you with an opportunity to be at the top of various Search Engines with best SEO Tactics. We have confidence in what we do and that is the reason why we have gained a large number of significant clients all across the globe. All of our clients have faith in us and what we do.

Our clients demand our professional team to do a wide range of SEO services for them.

On the basis of our inspection, we help you in making your website better so that you can have organic traffic while maintaining the number of visitors.

Being the best SEO Company in Dubai, we tend to give you what you have always dreamt for: the TOP position in search-engines and popularity of your well-managed website.

We value our clients!

Our clients are the biggest achievement that we have. What we are today is just because of the trust factor between us and our clients. It’s included in our objectives to satisfy all of you and help you achieve desired results by completely screening and analyzing the behavior of the visiting traffic at your website.

How we have benefited others

With us, many companies have noticed significant growth and improvement in their SEO related tasks. We have achieved a lot in a small tenure and all this is due to the dedication of our SEO team. What we have done for others is listed below:

  • Increased visitors for our clients from different search engines.
  • Doubled monthly website traffic.
  • Increased website page views.
  • Increased keywords-based ranking.
  • Increased leads for companies.
  • Reduced stress of our clients by winning them lots of business achievements with our SEO tactics.

Proven Work Record

We’ve ranked hundreds of websites in different markets and across different continents.

We are the only organic SEO Company in Dubai that is well-aware of your website requirements, using genuine organic SEO techniques. Everything is kept natural and authentic, protecting your business and providing you with safe and long-lasting results.

Our strategy

We follow simple yet best strategy to cater your needs, comprising of four steps:


1) Analysis and Research


Detailed research and analysis is the factor that makes difference to us. We gather every single detail and inspect it to determine the search volume and competition for various keywords in order to determine their strength. We use strong keywords only and investigate the tactics of your competitors to give them a tough time and close competition. This detailed analysis adds a lot to our achievements and unleashes the best target keywords to us.


2) Determining your Position


After analysis and inspection, we tend to make sure that your site is completely set and ready to go. We inspect your website’s code and make sure it’s in search-engine friendly language so that the search engine does not find any ambiguity in your website. By placing the right keywords, perfect title and unique content, we try our best to take you at the top results of search engine. In the same manner, we help search engines to determine exactly what your website is about and where to rank you in order to avail better results and add to the popularity of your website on search-engines.


3) Promoting your Website


We have got the best packages that add to the trustworthiness and authority to our website based on the given phrases and keywords. A search engine always judges any site based on its authority and trustworthiness. Here is what we make difference: we increase your popularity and add to your authority by promoting your website using a blend of media content on various platforms and high profile web properties. We create the best quality content and provide the best SEO distribution services to make your website top the search engine results.


4) Providing Performance Reports and Desired Results


We keep you aware of the performance of your website at every stage by sending you a detailed performance report. Results are always dramatic with us due to our powerful website promotion, especially when you haven’t done SEO before. Our reports contain the previous and after results so that you can compare the difference we have made to your website. Not only this, we also provide you with your own Login to have a look at the rankings, progress and other statistics related to your website.



Why choose our consultancy services

The question that arises now is why choose us when you have got too many options?


We use the best SEO tactics that can give your website a complete edge and competitive advantage in the search results. All this is due to our extensive experience and long history of getting different websites ranked successfully.


We have got confidence in what we do and know how to make your work even better.


We have a complete eye on all SEO- related factors

We handle your on-page and off-page SEO, link-building strategy and analyze your competitor websites


All this is done in order to create a complete SEO package that caters your requirements and meets your budget as well. This analysis can influence your website SEO positively.  Our search engine optimization services can take you to the position on search engine that you have always longed for.


We’ll work together with you to share mutual understanding and help you in understanding tactics of your competitors. We also guide you about keywords selection as selecting the right keywords is the whole SEO game!

How we provide our services to you

Our services are best known and are especially designed to meet your needs. We take care of every single detail about your website and try our best to help you achieve the desired results. We are capable of it because:


  • We personally review your site and check it for any potential problems.
  • We offer verbal or written suggestions for improvements.
  • We also help you to check your website for its keywords, attributes, page construction, site theme, link-building and other factors.
  • We train you about using various internet marketing tools.
  • Our consultation is highly customized to help your company achieve in a small time frame.


It’s time to make a difference to your website

When we are too much concerned about making difference to your website, why look for others?

How we manage to do it

Everyone wants to have his site on the top results when it comes to SEO. It’s always your will to earn loyal customers from keywords-based search.

Getting your site in top results is not as easy as it seems, it requires a lot of hard work and good SEO tactics. Those who have hands on SEO can win the game for you.

We do it with the help of:

  • A group of proficient SEO Experts that are all certified.
  • Long-term experience in the field of SEO.
  • Using natural and best back-links to drive organic traffic to your site.
  • Honesty in work.
  • Avoiding spamming or other factors that lead towards hurting your business.
  • Having an incredible portfolio.
  • Loyal customers.
  • Straightforward approach and methodologies to accomplish the objective of any business.

Our Professionalism

As one of the top SEO Companies in Dubai, we have our main focus on providing the best services and satisfying our customers in return.

We have each and every detail about our work progress including ready audit reports of sites to the execution of SEO systems, therefore we keep our customers informed about our work progress with each step that we take.

We provide these reports on weekly and monthly basis to our customers as per their demands.

If you have a newly-made site or an old one and you just want to boost up its ranking and positioning on search engines, then we can easily do it for you without frustrating you, to achieve the desired results.

Our dedicated team

We have a proficient team of SEO experts having years of experience in SEO. Our experts can:

  • Give you an entire analysis of your onsite SEO.
  • Propose you which keywords to add to your website to increase its worth.
  • Tell you about the value and estimation of your site content.
  • Inform you about any changing in your website if needed.
  • Provide a complete analysis guaranteeing to make your site easy to understand.
  • Propose ways to attract visitors and let them stick to your site for long.
  • Provide effective SEO services.
  • Help your business gain higher rankings in search engines
  • Allow and engage people to look into your business and offered services.

SEO services

Let’s have a look at few of the SEO services offered by us:

Detailed analysis

We will go with the detailed analysis of your website and inform you about the tactics your competitors are using so that you can develop an effective strategy to make a difference using their information regarding on-page and off-page SEO,  budget estimation and potential service providers.

Link building

We provide natural and quality links to you by carefully crafting leads and content submission to your website and developing relation with you based on trust values. Even if you are not well-provided with link-building content, we will help you out by bringing the best quality links to your website.

Guidance about redesigning your site

Are you afraid of data loss or fall of your ranking on search engines while redesigning your site? We will create a strategy document for you in this manner and provide you with the services of our development team along with assistance of our SEO team to help you maintain your position on search engines without any loss.

Retainers for quality assurance

In case you have good know-how of SEO but are not sure of your approach, you can consult us. We will reassure you to implement your changes and offer contracts on retainers for SEO consulting services.

SEO strategy development

We help you develop the best SEO strategy according to your needs and budget by defining a custom needs assessment in order to achieve success.

Implementation guidance

We guide you about implementing your ideas when it comes to SEO in tough technical situations.

Software recommendations

We can help you find out the best software to track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings and to choose the best tools according to your strategy, needs and budget.

SEO audits

We compile a complete analysis with each audit and define areas for improvement.

Keyword research and analysis

We provide high-converting and competitive keywords to you that can take your website to the top of search engines.

So why waste time? Get in touch with us right now!


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